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RESEARCHERS CORNER - African Military Aviation - Winston A Brent

Author: Winston Brent - click here to send him any addition information, corrections or photographs

"We are pleased to announce a new exciting concept under our AB-IX Research banner, in that Winston Brent, our specialist on African Military Aviation has offered to place his records at A-B's disposal under the title "African Air Forces on line". He does not foresee bringing out another African Air Forces in his lifetime.

The intention is to compile as complete a record as possible of each African Air Force/Air Arm, and once published on the www, members to submit to Winston any corrections/additions, and updated files will in turn be posted on the www.

Winston will make his photographic collection available and we intend placing as many photographs as possible. Members who wish to submit scans (jpgs) should do so to Winston. He will in the article give acknowledgement to members who do submit photos...and add the "copyright" bit.

Winston will initially attempt to provide detail on about 2 - 3 Air Forces/Air Arms per month. He starts with the smaller ones, such as Mauritius, Namibia, Uganda, Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana etc so that any teething problems can be sorted out.